An introduction to the structural properties of aluminum veneer

- Feb 05, 2018-

Aluminum veneer as a main object of exterior decoration, its unique superiority and has a broad development space, people used to put it into the aluminum curtain wall board a class of products.

Structural Performance Analysis:

1. Material composition: Aluminum veneer adopts 2-3mm thick antirust aluminum alloy plate as base material;

2. Surface Coating technology: aluminum veneer surface with high pressure electrostatic rotary gun spraying, spraying in the aluminum sheet processing after the formation, no direction, corner of the coating thickness and plate surface;

3. Processing and forming process: aluminum veneer in the factory processing, can be suspended ceiling, column, wall division size and shape processing, complete bending forming, welding reinforcement, installation corner code, chemical cleaning, baking and curing processes, made products to the site directly positioned to install;

4. Bending Place Performance: bending Place for single-layer aluminum plate actual thickness, strength and coating is not affected;

5. Fire performance: Aluminum veneer has a certain thickness, not combustion itself, can meet the fire protection requirements of high-rise buildings;

6. Design structure: Aluminum veneer can be welded, it can be suitable for a variety of building forms, easy to embody design creativity, not limited by multidimensional modelling, the bottom bracket using metal can increase strength;

7. Damage Treatment: Aluminum veneer easy to repair and repainting layer.

Aluminum veneer storage is a bit of a skill, or the market most of the aluminum veneer products in the majority. Even if the quality of some aluminum veneer products is unqualified, it is partly because it may not be stored. Therefore, the hope in the aluminum veneer preservation process, need to pay attention to points.