How to choose aluminum smallpox

- Feb 05, 2018-

Aluminum buckle Plate has many specifications, including panel width, thickness, folding height, etc. Selection should be based on the characteristics of the home bathroom choice. Aluminum buckle plate is divided into two types of surface punching and plane. The surface piercing can ventilate the sound, the buckle board interior spreads a layer of thin film cushion, tidal can penetrate through the piercing film absorption, therefore it is most suitable for the water more kitchen to use. On the market, 600mmx600mm, C150, C100 Strip and 300x300, 300x600 aluminum buckle plate are applied most widely.

The quality of aluminum buckle is not all lies in thick, the key is the texture of aluminum, general engineering aluminum Buckle Plate has 0.8 mm, or even

Thicker, why? Because some of the engineering of the buckle board is very long, in order to prevent deformation, so to use a bit thicker, the hardness of some, on the contrary, home with aluminum buckle plate, very little more than 4 meters, and aluminum buckle ceiling on nothing heavy, so, the decoration aluminum buckle plate, you can say, 0.6 mm is enough to use. So, why do you go to the building materials city, a lot of salespeople to tell you their 0.8 mm, and a friend said someone to introduce him to 0.88 mm; that is often because their board is not good, so can only take the thickness of the people ——— is really destroyed tireless.

To tell you clearly, 0.6 millimeters is enough. To the market famous for an imported brand aluminum fastener For example, its price is more than 300 yuan per square metre, but its thickness is how much? 0.5 millimeters, less than 0.6 millimeters! Why, the quality of the board is not in thickness, but in the base material. In fact, if you consult the aluminum Buckle Board is a brand name, in the mid-range, most of them are 0.6 mm.

About why some brands are 0.8 millimeters bad, some miscellaneous brands, with the aluminum cans, because of the quality of the aluminum itself, so they want to make the aluminum buckle plate is not possible, because the aluminum is not good, the board does not have the means to be evenly drawn, so, they can only go thick.

Therefore, the identification of aluminum buckle plate, in addition to pay attention to the surface smoothness, but also to observe whether the board thick evenly, with the hand pinch a

The next board feel, elasticity and toughness is good.