Introduction to the precautions in the process of aluminum veneer processing

- Feb 05, 2018-

With the rapid development of China's architectural decoration industry in recent years, fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer with its excellent resistance to fade, anti-corrosive, UV-resistant, strong crack resistance and can withstand harsh weather environment, in addition to a large number of high-rise building curtain wall applications, at the same time with its wide range of color selection, metal gloss, strong impact resistance and other advantages, More and more by the interior decoration designer's favor, is widely used in indoor high-grade decoration project ceiling and metope.

(1) As a high-grade decorative material, the domestic fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer manufacturers production and processing level of a large difference. Before ordering, we should pay special attention to the inspection of the factory, inspect its production capacity and scale, project performance, and focus on its technical design capability. Must not because the price is low and use the level is not high, small size of the processing factory, otherwise it will bring greater difficulties in construction and management, serious consequences will cause irreparable economic losses.

(2) As an important process before the process of fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer--field data measurement, it is recommended to use infrared range finder for measurement. If the use of traditional tape measurement, there will be measurement errors, will require tight seam splicing aluminum plate has a very negative impact.

(3) in the process of fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer, should not be a one-time all aluminum sheet processing, should be in each installation area of the last piece of aluminum and corner plate temporarily not processing, to be in the area of all fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer after the installation, again on-site data measurement, to obtain accurate size and reprocessing, To avoid unnecessary rework and economic losses.

(4) Fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer, although belonging to a metal decorative plate, but its fluorocarbon coating easy to scratch. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of the manufacturer aluminum plate must take protective film to enter, in the handling and installation process should also focus on avoiding scratches and heavy impact, otherwise it will seriously affect the overall appearance of aluminum plate.

(5) for fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer installation method, the most common is the most difficult to solve the quality problem is block and block between the seam is not smooth, should be caused enough attention. In addition to the construction process to pay attention to the thickness of adhesive adhesive, uniform, temporary fixed measures must not be removed prematurely, usually not less than 12h.

(6) The use of paste-mounted fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer, it is advisable to use a waterproof performance of the glass magnesium board or large core board to do the base plate, paper Shi board should not be used, the main reasons are: first, the gypsum board itself low strength, and aluminum plate bonding is not strong; the second is the paper gypsum board is not waterproof, the ceiling usually contains a variety of water supply and drainage pipelines, Once the local leakage phenomenon, will cause the overall loss of aluminum plate.