Specification for aluminum honeycomb panels, customized high-end aluminum honeycomb panels

- May 17, 2018-

Specification for aluminum honeycomb panels, customized high-end aluminum honeycomb panels

Honeycomb sandwich panels with honeycomb core as core layer are inspired by natural hexagonal honeycomb. Aluminum honeycomb plates made of aluminum alloy are not only of the lightest quality in the other materials of the same volume, but also very good in stiffness and overall stability, and also have sound insulation and insulation properties. Aluminum alloy is not radioactive, and will not volatilize any harmful gas to the health of the human body. It can also completely recycle and reuse, save resources and energy, reduce the pollution to the environment to the lowest level, which makes aluminum honeycomb plate become a new material for energy saving, environmental protection and health.

Honeycomb aluminum plate / style

Aluminum honeycomb plate with aluminum honeycomb plate

Product Description: aluminum honeycomb panel is made of two aluminum panels which are firmly bonded to a thick layer of honeycomb core material. Honeycomb panel products are rich in specifications, and can provide many kinds of surface modeling, especially for large panel applications. Its unique charm lies in its larger and more smooth surface.

Honeycomb aluminum plate / structure

Aluminum honeycomb panels have many characteristics that conventional materials do not possess. They are mainly in the following aspects:

Honeycomb aluminum plate / specification

(1) light quality and small density:

The core layer of the honeycomb plate is a typical porous structure, and the continuous polygonal orifice is arranged regularly and periodically, so the section area of the honeycomb plate is very small, so its density is relatively small relative to the other interlayer materials. Because the density of honeycomb panels is far less than that of ordinary boards such as laminates and steel plates, the quality of the honeycomb panels is the lightest at the same volume. The quality of aluminum honeycomb panels is only 9% of the same volume of FRP laminate, 11% of the same volume steel plate and 23% of the same volume aluminum alloy plate. This enables aluminum honeycomb panels to save large amounts of energy when applied to aircraft. Low density and light weight make honeycomb board meet the requirements of "lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection" for aerospace engineering vehicles and transportation vehicles.