The difference between aluminum honeycomb plate and aluminum plate

- Feb 05, 2018-

Aluminum honeycomb plate using honeycomb structure, mainly in order to reduce the aluminum denaturalization degree and strength of the case to reduce the consumption of raw materials, and the price will be much cheaper, both to meet the national green development Strategy, but also to manufacturers and customers can maximize benefits.

This time the problem comes, aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb plate in the end that good, that bad? In fact, to find out this problem is not difficult, nothing is fixed, according to their own situation to decide, then aluminum and aluminum honeycomb panel is so, what needs to use what. Maybe some people don't know much about aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum Honeycomb panel is based on the development of paper honeycomb board, compared to aluminum honeycomb plate in the manufacturing process more cumbersome, because to achieve the desired effect, manufacturers must have sufficient capacity, related production equipment, excellent operation of staff, these are essential, Aluminum plate manufacturing is relatively simple, but the effect of decoration is too general, performance will be greatly discounted.