The relationship between custom drawing and production process of aluminum honeycomb panel

- Feb 05, 2018-

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Inquiry when many manufacturers will ask the drawings in this respect, because in the aluminum honeycomb composite process requires CAD drawings input machine equipment, and then the sheet metal processing according to the drawings, as well as aluminum honeycomb plate processing compound detail structure design. Aluminum Honeycomb panel Manufacturers The first step is the irregular hand paint all changed to Auto CAD graphics input computer, so faster to produce customers need specifications of aluminum honeycomb panels, the second is aluminum honeycomb plate plate number, aluminum honeycomb plate plate number to be unified.

The aluminum honeycomb plate uses the sheet metal as the panel, carries on the blanking shearing in the classification to bend, that is, processing molding, plus the pretreatment, and then welding and polishing aluminum honeycomb panels and corners of the contour, in the use of adhesive bonding, aluminum honeycomb plate assembly combined, in the pretreatment after the material, hanging material next process is spraying, Spraying has a variety of paint materials, which are free to choose fluorine carbon or polyester.

Aluminum honeycomb plate to be produced by one of the most important baking process can not be less, baking to ensure the complete molding of paint, you can perfect the display of high quality, blanking process is the most center is careful, light handle and not busy, into the inspection process will appear in two cases, qualified and unqualified, unqualified will find the problem to rework, Qualified will enter the next process to play packaging, packaged aluminum honeycomb board into the warehouse, and then with the aluminum honeycomb plate customization side delivery.