What are the problems of aluminum sheet curtain wall

- Feb 05, 2018-

First, look at the curtain wall. From the arrangement of aluminum plate stiffener distance, many aluminum manufacturers are based on the "special case" habit of arranging reinforcement. In that case, aluminum sheet curtain wall processing manufacturers do not know the basic situation of fortifications, such as the high and low level of the installation of aluminum plate, conditions, details, and so on, also do not know the internal mount design values, aluminum panel curtain wall manufacturers can not make the stiffening rib arrangement of the rationality.

Different aluminum sheet curtain wall processing manufacturers. Part of the use of aluminum, but also the use of galvanized steel strip (aluminum strip) to roll a certain end-surface shape. Different workshop, its consumption process is different, stiffening rib cross-section shape is different. Curtain wall design also can not be a good design of stiffened ribs, the eyes can only be aluminum consumer factory skills based on my workshop status two times design. and practice materials admission, supervision no aluminum sheet processing drawings, curtain wall designers will not be on the spot monitoring, can only be the curtain wall Inspector (skill member) special case absorption, in practice is to what material, absorb what material, fortifications not strict grasp. and aluminum sheet curtain wall processing field if only consider material waste, increase the interest of manufacturing and installation stiffening rib, stiffening rib pattern, end of the proportion of the shape will appear improper appearance, also will make stiffening rib can not reach the design requirements.