What matters should be paid attention to in the application of aluminum sheet curtain wall

- Feb 05, 2018-

1. Anti-deformation ability of curtain wall system

Must carry on the scientific mechanical calculation to each important part of the curtain wall system, consider the effect of wind pressure, deadweight, earthquake, temperature etc. on the curtain wall system, and carefully check the buried parts, connection system, keel system, panel and imprison to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.

2. Whether the plate uses the connection

The floating connection ensures the restoration ability of the curtain wall deformation, ensures the integrity of the curtain wall, does not cause the curtain wall to be deformed by the force, and avoids the bulging or sag of the curtain wall surface.

3. Fixed mode of plate

The fixed mode of plate plays a decisive role in the flatness of plate installation. The uneven force of the plate fixed points will cause the deformation of the surface to affect the exterior effect, so the fixed way of plate must adopt fixed distance tightening method to ensure the flatness of the curtain wall surface.

4. Composite surface material materials to remove whether there are reinforcement measures

Because the composite panel material folding edge only retains the front plate thickness, thickness thinning, strength reduction, so the dismantling must have a reliable reinforcement measures.

5. The back of the board is reasonable to set up reinforcement to increase the strength and stiffness of the plate surface

The arrangement distance of reinforcing ribs and the strength and rigidity of reinforcing tendons must meet the requirements to ensure the function and safety of the curtain wall.

6. Waterproof Sealing method is reasonable

Waterproof sealing way a lot of structure waterproof, internal waterproof, glue seal, different sealing method price is not the same, choose suitable sealing method for engineering, ensure the function of curtain wall and exterior effect.

7. Selection of materials to meet the specifications, standards and design requirements.

At present, a variety of building materials flooded the construction market, the quality of materials are not the same, the selection of qualified materials, is to ensure the fundamental quality of the curtain wall, must adopt strict inspection means and methods to ensure the quality of materials.