Aluminum Ceiling Installation Instruction

- Feb 05, 2018-


1, according to the same level of height installed aluminum trimming Corner

2, according to the appropriate spacing hoisting rod and light steel keel, hanging rod spacing is less than or equal to 1.2 meters, light steel keel spacing is 1.2 meters

3, the suspension installed on the triangular keel, together with the triangular keel and light steel keel into a vertical direction by the plate spacing, and then adjust the level

4, the square plate of the two side parallel pressure into the triangular keel seam, first installed after the two sides of the transverse direction to find the right angle after pulling straight line gradually a row of withholding plate, each row after the adjustment to ensure that the plate surface formation, vertical plate seam. (Note that the direction of the side with small pits is inserted into the triangular keel seam)

5, when the buckle board to wear gloves, such as inadvertently left on the surface of the board to wash clean with water, the installation is prohibited to remove protective film

6. The purchase of aluminum smallpox and supporting the keel, accessories should meet product quality requirements, must not have bending deformation.

7. In the transport and stacking process, aluminum smallpox to be used flat, can not be pressure, and avoid high-temperature and harmful substances erosion.

8. Keel installation flat, spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters.

9. Installation of aluminum ceiling, such as the size of the deviation should be adjusted first in order inserted, not hard to plug to prevent deformation.

10. Large lamps, exhaust fans and other things should be done alone keel fixed, should not be directly placed on the aluminum ceiling.