Analysis Of Development Foreground Of Honeycomb Panel

- Feb 05, 2018-

Stone processing industry, for many years is a more traditional, simple machinery processing enterprises, mechanical equipment, the principle of simple, not high precision equipment, the process is not many, belong to labor-intensive enterprises. But along with the economic development, the stone industry's emergence and the competition intensifies, whether to the equipment, the matching as well as the market demand and the product innovation, some enterprises have opened up a new market domain, that is--the stone sheet and the honeycomb board.

I. Sheet

The stone sheet is divided into granite sheet and plastic sheet. The granite sheet market has been developed for several years and is now maturing, and plastic sheeting has only just sprouted in the national market. Although the world's plastic sheet market is better than domestic, but still not into long-term. The country's plastic sheet production is distributed in a small area of several provinces, which is limited by the resource constraints, but only a few varieties of the region. And Fujian is the National stone Processing Distributing center, the world famous plastic hundreds of kinds in this all have the big board, the shortage material sale, provides the rich variety data for the thin plate production enterprise. So far, the production of plastic sheet in Fujian is still 30, far less than other varieties of production enterprises and some enterprises in the production process, whether the equipment or technology are in a exploration, groping stage, but also need a technical improvement and process improvement process.

Plastic sheet due to mechanical equipment, auxiliary materials, stone nature (fragile easily broken) the impact of the current can only produce thinner (8mm-12mm thick) small size plate, such as: 305x305mm, 400x400mm, 457x457mm, more than 600x600mm, No company has been able to produce mass production at present.

The use of plastic sheet is mainly in the small area or the family, in the foreign market has more demand.