Learn And Learn About Cellular Board Knowledge

- Feb 05, 2018-

High-performance strength-weight ratio

Excellent compressive strength

Good shear strength.

Very light weight

Changzhou Public Force honeycomb plate polypropylene honeycomb plate buoyancy than water at least 10 times times lighter

Large operating Temperature range

-30°c to 80°c ( -22°f to 176°F)

Waterproof performance

The water absorption of polypropylene is very low and can be neglected, which makes the core material of Bo Tai Polypropylene Honeycomb plate become the most excellent core materials, which provides better use for the aquatic building.

Good corrosion resistance

Changzhou Power Honeycomb plate corrosion resistance better withstand most chemicals, seawater, fungi, etc., with superior damping and impact resistance

Changzhou Zhongli Honeycomb Board with excellent constant force absorption.

Superior bending Performance

Changzhou Power Honeycomb Plate Unlike other metal honeycomb panels, it has a special "mechanical memory" which makes the honeycomb board can quickly revert to the original appearance. To withstand the degree of bending rather than some foam material is very stiff.

Excellent sound insulation performance

Polypropylene has a natural low-key 125-150 Hz, so that Changzhou power honeycomb core material can effectively reduce vibration and absorb noise.

If the need for better sound insulation, we can provide foam with the compound.