On The Difference Of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall And Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

- Feb 05, 2018-

From the technical point of view of the difference: aluminum veneer curtain wall is a single layer of products, processing relatively simple, modelling ability, but poor accuracy; aluminum honeycomb panels for composite products, processing speed and ability is weak, but the accuracy is guaranteed.

What is the difference between installation: The box-type honeycomb aluminum plate is used in the buckle cover system, there are two kinds of system of plastic seam exposure and concealed glue seam, the system fully consider the influence of the thermal expansion and contraction on the plate surface, the four directions of the plate can be freely retractable, effectively avoiding the influence of the temperature stress on the flatness of the plate surface. Ordinary single layer aluminum sheet only the seam exposed system, and installation is fixed with the installation code on the keel, there is no suitable space to release the temperature stress, resulting in the plate surface is prone to warping.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Features: aluminum honeycomb plate for the composite plate, with a light quality, high strength, flatness, large plate, easy to install, easily maintained, environmental protection, reusable, and excellent performance of thermal expansion and contraction advantages.

Aluminum veneer curtain Wall features: aluminum veneer curtain wall for ordinary non-composite plate, compared with aluminum honeycomb plate, does not have the above advantages, but compared to the cost of 3MM thick aluminum veneer curtain wall generally than 25MM aluminum honeycomb plate low 15~20%. Because of the weight and molding reasons, less use of the construction of 4MM thick aluminum veneer curtain wall, and the thickness of the aluminum veneer curtain wall of the cost of aluminum honeycomb products and the difference is only about 5%.