Production Technology Of Honeycomb Panel

- Feb 05, 2018-

Ordinary plastic original plate (all-through-board) production process is relatively simple, such as the beginning of the processing of waste materials, the process is such: waste material → saw big cut → fill board on the plastic → automatic polishing → edge (finished product). The production process of honeycomb panels is much more complicated, as described below: (such as raw materials to start processing) as an example: Block → saw big cut (circular sawing big cut) → fill board → trimming (beginning finished) → fixed thickness → drying → sticky plate → slitting → fixed thickness → drying → sticky plate → slitting → fixed thickness → brush face gum → drying → hand grinding (automatic grinding) → Cutting Edge → chamfer → drying → patching → finished product (packing). If the purchase into the backplane is not standard, the bottom plate to be processed, is generally cut-edge → fixed thickness → drying.

If you do not start from the shortage, and directly from the large plate factory procurement into the big Board. The early days of the waste cut into the plate will be omitted, but also added a process (impressing in the Big Board factory completed) hit face (the smooth surface into a fur). In this process, there are many technical, quality requirements and the production process of the big Board is almost completely different and standard requirements are higher, otherwise it is difficult to produce qualified products.