Unit Price Analysis Of Honeycomb Panel

- Feb 05, 2018-

The cost of Honeycomb board is much more complicated than that of the plate. Because of its usable 1m2 compound into 3m2 characteristics, in the panel material can save more cost, but in the floor material, glue and other processing processes are more than the processing cost of the plate, so the price of the panel plastics will play a key factor in the cost of the honeycomb board. Under normal circumstances, the bottom plate is ceramic tile, granite plastic plate, the higher the price of the honeycomb plate and the gap between the larger. The price of plastic plate in the 200-300 yuan M2, made of honeycomb plate and the unit price is almost equal, but still more than the price of its specifications plate cheaper. and plastic board unit price less than 200 yuan/m2, made of honeycomb plate unit price is slightly higher than the original plate, because no matter how much plastic plate unit price, the cost of making honeycomb is basically fixed, so there will be more of these changes in unit prices. is not a different variety of plastic honeycomb plate than its full plate on the unit price fixed low per cent.

If the bottom plate with high-grade materials, such as aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb panels, glass, fiberglass network (cloth), carbon plate and other materials. One is because of its high material price; second, because of its processing technology and floor tile, granite processing technology is different and more complex, technical requirements are higher, so the unit price of this kind of honeycomb plate is almost all the unit price higher than its plate.