Use Of Honeycomb Panels

- Feb 05, 2018-

The plastic honeycomb board is different from the composite bottom plate, which makes the performance characteristic of the sandwich plate differ greatly. According to the different requirements and the use of the site should be different base plate honeycomb.

1, the floor with plastic, ceramic tile, granite, Calcium Silicate board use range: The use of these kinds of plate composite plastic honeycomb plate almost the same as the scope of the use of the plate. If the building has special load-bearing limits, these kinds of honeycomb panels are more useful, not only light weight, strength also increased a lot.

2. The use of aluminum-plastic plate for the floor is suitable for the decoration of wall and ceiling because of its ultra-thin and ultra light performance. And in the construction process to use glue paste, decorate the ceiling when other stone is irreplaceable.

3. Use range of aluminum front socket plate for floor

The particularity of aluminum Honeycomb panel can make its outer wall, inner wall of the dry hanging use more space to play, generally used in large, high-grade buildings, such as airports, exhibition halls, five-star hotels. At the same time can be made into a panel, dining table and kitchen cabinets, but also can be made into solitary and cylindrical honeycomb panels, its excellent performance, in many dry hanging wall material selection favored.

4. Use range of plastic honeycomb board for floor

Because of its weak flexural strength, high compressive strength characteristics, but also because of its ultra light performance is generally used for wall decoration, can be installed with dry hanging, can also be used for special glue paste, more suitable for use in the interior walls, ships and yachts.

5. Use range of glass for floor

The properties of plastic natural materials, because some of them have very good light transmittance, with these plastic and glass composite, can reach the decorative effect of light, generally use dry hanging and mosaic installation, which can be installed in different colors of colored lights, and then with music, will produce a fantastic effect. The future can also be used in furniture on the coffee table, desktop. At the same time, it can be equipped with some luminous materials, in the case of turning off the lights, it can still shine brilliant luminous.

6. Use range of composite plank for floor

A variety of composite boards, choose a different board for the floor, its product performance is also different, can be used in the wall decoration and various furniture.